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"It has been great working with you - thank you for all your personal and professional counsel, it’s made a real difference in the way I’ve been thinking and reflecting on my leadership style and Academy learnings." 

Amy Tippen, Board Account Director - AMV BBDO


My purpose is simple. I work with people to help them be at their resourceful best. I want to help you to live your life doing things that promote wellbeing, bring personal as well as professional satisfaction and make you happy. I have filled my website with free articles, resources and videos to share the tips and techniques that I find can assist people to focus on what they want - their goal - and then help them explore what they can do for themselves to achieve it. I hope you enjoy the videos that I post here, and that they help you discover how being coached might be useful to you in gaining more happiness and success in life.

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Back to work? Beat the holiday glums with these self-care tips

September. The start of a season marked by mellow fruitfulness, cool mists in the morning, leaves turning copper and red, faded petals falling, last-minute BBQs and the last-night at the Proms. For many of us, it is also back to work. It can be hard to...

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Back to work? Beat the holiday glums with these self-care tips

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"What I value about Beverly as a mentor is her honesty and integrity. A fantastic communicator and natural coach she provides a calm reassuring presence which encourages people to excel."

Vince Plant, Chambers Director - Devereux Chambers

"Throughout our coaching relationship, Beverly’s thoughtful questioning and expertise have enabled me to successfully get to the root cause of real business problems and overcome barriers that were impeding the resolution of these. Her approach has helped me focus on areas where I can have the most impact, breaking down complex change projects into more achievable steps. Working with Beverly has also enabled me to benefit from her vast knowledge of tips and tools for developing better working practices, improving my efficiency and effectiveness "

Jonathan Millar, Associate Director - Saunderson House

"The senior management team workshop led by Beverly was clearly focused, extremely practical and highly participative. Those attending commented positively on her communication style and ability to facilitate open and productive conversations. The participants were impressed with Beverly’s follow-up after the workshop. She supplied very useful handouts that are enabling people to maximise the benefits gained from the experience. "

Alice Didier, European Director - Laboratoire Aguettant

"In 2018/2019 I benefited from 7 coaching sessions as part of a bespoke coaching plan for new equity partners created by Beverly. The sessions were designed around the needs of our business and culture but were flexed and adapted to my individual needs. Beverly is a great coach, she has a lovely manner which allowed me to fully relax, enjoy the sessions and open up. She was not afraid to challenge me to achieve my potential and improve. I now feel well placed to help shape the direction of the firm and contribute to its further growth. "

Ed Fowler, Partner - Cripps Pemberton Greenish