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Senior Team Profiling Tool

12th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

I have trained to become a user of a senior team assessment tool called PROPHET.  Registered with the British Psychological Society,  PROPHET is a unique, business-focused profiling tool that fills a gap in the market for executive team development. It is designed for leadership development purposes and is especially suited to those in executive roles. It looks at personal motivation and decision-making styles and links these to roles across a typical business cycle. It is quick to complete, straightforward to debrief and provides direct business advice, rather than throwing up suggestions.

PROPHET helps accredited coaches, consultants and HR professionals deliver commercially focused team development and coaching to their clients. It enables accredited HR professionals to deliver insight and development to their organisation.

Perfect for use at team sessions, off-sites and conferences, the insight helps leaders and HR professionals to deliver high performance in the organisation and to implement strategy successfully. PROPHET team sessions help enhance senior team effectiveness. They build relationships with the team and increase collaboration and motivation.

A typical session involves everyone receiving a debrief of their personal PROPHET Profile as well as examining the team’s PROPHET Team Insight Report. Benefits include:

  • Raised awareness of the team’s preferences and potential blind spots to performance
  • Enhanced understanding of how the team approaches the business context
  • Stronger working relationships to execute the strategy
  • Creating the insight to deal with possible derailers and actions that set up the team for success 

PROPHET can be applied successfully in a variety of situations: 

  • For new leaders
  • Where a new strategy is required or a shift in performance
  • For a restructured existing team, with changing responsibilities and relationship dynamics
  • For departments that need to collaborate across areas
  • For pairs of organisations following the creation of a business partnership, alliance or joint ventures

Discover how to utilise PROPHET for the benefit of your organisation by contacting me via or call 07792 223756.

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12th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

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