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Practical tips for getting things under control

9th May 2018 | Beverly Landais

I've just had an article published by PM magazine (May 2018) on the topic of 'How to manage yourself to get things done and still have a life'. 

The article provides some practical tips to help regain control of your life and, in turn, contribute more to your personal growth as well as enhance your professional standing. 

The full article may be read and downloaded here: Practical tips for getting things under control

I hope you find it inspiring and useful. 

9th May 2018 | Beverly Landais

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"Welcoming, calm and focused. Beverly made me feel that I could address issues that had been bothering me and that I had initially thought were outside the bounds of coaching. I didn’t really know what to expect from coaching. I found the experience very interesting & beneficial."

Senior Marketing Executive, International Logistics Company

"Having worked with Beverly for a number of years, she has impressed me with her ability to be able to quickly pinpoint areas of development and to get people to recognise in themselves how they can develop and improve whilst supporting their transition.Beverly has been a breath of fresh air in her coaching methods and I have greatly enjoyed working with her. "

Nicky Acuna Ocana, Managing Director, Ambition UK

"I found Beverly’s style to be effective, in that it was left to me to do much of the talking and therefore the ‘answers’ were drawn out from me/in my words rather than being given to me on a plate. Beverly’s open questioning approach was effective. [The sessions] were probably more demanding than I expected, in that I had to think hard during the sessions and I found some questions challenging (although Beverly did warn me that would be the case at the start of the first session)."

Chartered Financial Planner, Wealth Management

"Beverly kindly led a roundtable discussion on 'Winning new business through cross-selling'. Her clear and concise thoughts were excellently delivered and helped facilitate a strong discussion. The high feedback scores from members and comments were extremely positive and reflected her depth of knowledge and understanding around the topic."

Business Development Director, Media Services
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