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Membership of the Henley Centre for Coaching

27th May 2019 | Beverly Landais

I am delighted to become a member of the Henley Centre for Coaching, which is a global leader in coaching research and coach training. I have chosen to join the Centre precisely because it is a vibrant learning community where coaches network, collaborate and share ideas.

I am a lifelong learner, so keeping my skillset fresh and up-to-date is a pleasure. I also believe that it is my professional duty to ensure clients benefit from new thinking in coaching practice, which is why I invest in Continuous Professional Development. I favour a practical, evidence-based approach to developing coaching excellent that is informed by robust research, experimentation and reflection. The Centre holds appeals for me because it consists of leading practitioners and academics whose writing, thinking and analysis are at the cutting edge of coaching practice.

Membership is available to all professional coaches who work together to shape research and practice in coaching through a dedicated private platform. Further information about the Henley Centre for Coaching is available on their website: here.

27th May 2019 | Beverly Landais

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"It has been an absolute pleasure being coached by Beverly. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, engaging and professional. She was very quick to understand what makes me tick but more importantly able to help me understand some of the weaknesses that I was unaware of. I have now used the lessons I have learnt to better structure how I work leading to an improved work-life balance, more efficient use of my time and working towards goals that will excite and motivate me. I cannot recommend Beverly highly enough. "

Graham Moles, Head of Portfolio Solutions - Legal & General Investment Management

"Beverly is an exceptional coach. I've worked with a number of coaches over the years and Beverly has been by far the most effective and the most practical. Beverly seamlessly blends being both incredibly well qualified professionally with being absolutely genuine and natural in the application of her work. Beverly worked with me to help define specific desired outcomes for our time together and then created an actionable plan to achieve my goals. Beverly shares relevant resources and templates immediately after our sessions that are appropriate to the situation, and they have been incredibly useful to this day. Thank you, Beverly! "

Luke Gregory, Global Business Marketing - Facebook

"Following the presentation coaching you gave me last year, the people that run the event have asked me to chair this year’s event. They said I had good stage presence and came across as engaging and with confidence. My confidence in public speaking since working with you has been night and day. I have done a lot more speaking internally and externally and have only been a ‘normal’ level of nervous. So I wanted to say a really big thank you and share my progress. I’d recommend you to anyone needing to hone their personal impact and presentations skills."

Jo Owen, C-suite Executive

"Throughout our coaching relationship, Beverly’s thoughtful questioning and expertise have enabled me to successfully get to the root cause of real business problems and overcome barriers that were impeding the resolution of these. Her approach has helped me focus on areas where I can have the most impact, breaking down complex change projects into more achievable steps. Working with Beverly has also enabled me to benefit from her vast knowledge of tips and tools for developing better working practices, improving my efficiency and effectiveness "

Jonathan Millar, Associate Director - Saunderson House