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Leadership craft: developing a strategic vision for your business

19th September 2019 | Beverly Landais

Creating a compelling vision of the future is something that leaders of business strive to achieve. Many end up with lengthy statements which are hard to comprehend and even harder to implement. An effective strategic vision will act as a trigger for the focused effort that leads to achieving measurable goals that are clearly articulated. A great strategic vision has an impact and will be authentic as well as capable of communication with conviction and passion in any medium, orally or in writing. 

Vision statements can be powerful, but a vision must cascade as a goal that people can believe in; otherwise, it is just words. Only people can make it real and this requires their understanding of and commitment to the future vision. None of this happens by chance. Engaging people through clear open communication is a critical element in making the envisaged future a reality.

Click below to read about two techniques that I use to help my business clients uncover a compelling vision for the future – one at the corporate level and one at a team level. These are set out in an article I wrote on Leadership Craft for Support Local Magazine.

19th September 2019 | Beverly Landais

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"Working with Beverly has opened my eyes to the value of being coached and mentored. Her support and advice have been invaluable. She has helped me to develop my leadership skills and navigate some fundamental challenges. The result is a successful restructuring with better communication and new processes that are yielding excellent business improvements driven by a motivated team."

Tony Burgoyne ACCA, Director - Auker Hutton Accountancy Ltd

"In just 4 sessions, Beverly has guided me firstly towards re-establishing my own foundations on what drives me as an individual. And secondly helped me to recognise my potential at work. I am so grateful to have found her. She has a gift for striking the perfect balance between being supportive yet challenging. I would recommend her to those willing to conquer their own self-limiting beliefs to achieve their goals "

Anish Hindocha, Lead Operational Excellence Consultant - Visa

"What I value about Beverly as a mentor is her honesty and integrity. A fantastic communicator and natural coach she provides a calm reassuring presence which encourages people to excel."

Vince Plant, Chambers Director - Devereux Chambers

"It has been great working with you - thank you for all your personal and professional counsel, it’s made a real difference in the way I’ve been thinking and reflecting on my leadership style and Academy learnings. "

Amy Tippen, Board Account Director - AMV BBDO