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2nd October 2017 | Beverly Landais

I am pleased to join the MumsWork community as a member of their Panel of Experts. If you have a question about running a business, career coaching, personal development, finance, employee rights or something else relating to business and family life, the Panel of Experts is here to help. 

MumsWork is a new resource for mums in business and mums returning to work. Founders Clare Timms and Caroline John were inspired to create MumsWork when, as working mothers, they realised they needed a comprehensive, positive and friendly place to mix with other like-minded people. They aim to empower women by pulling together the very best advice, inspiration and information into one easy-to-use website, as well as to offer useful offers and promotions to their members. 

You can find out more about MumsWork and the members of the Panel of Experts here. 

2nd October 2017 | Beverly Landais

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"I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did with facilitating our Women in Leadership event yesterday. I really enjoyed it and found it really interesting to hear what everyone had to say."

Helen Trudgeon, Head of Programming, MPF Forum

"Beverly’s style was personal, understanding, accessible, transparent and detailed. Being a trusted expert in the field I work within, I found huge confidence in her being able to provide practical hands-on strategy for practically and positively dealing with the challenges in my current role. Expectations on both sides were clear from the outset, which meant we got the most from each session. Additionally, I felt that the program was tailored to me as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ – a rare quality! This was enhanced by Beverly asking the right questions of me to uncover where I would get the most value from her experiences and triumphs."

Senior Marketing Manager, Global Law Firm

"Thanks for an energising and thought provoking first session. I left feeling more clear, calm and confident than I realised I have been in quite some time."

Director of Organisation Development, Third Sector

"I found Beverly’s style to be effective, in that it was left to me to do much of the talking and therefore the ‘answers’ were drawn out from me/in my words rather than being given to me on a plate. Beverly’s open questioning approach was effective. [The sessions] were probably more demanding than I expected, in that I had to think hard during the sessions and I found some questions challenging (although Beverly did warn me that would be the case at the start of the first session)."

Chartered Financial Planner, Wealth Management
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