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Engage for Success

19th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

Engage for Success recently published my article on the Power of Recognition in the Workplace. A growing, dynamic, voluntary movement, Engage for Success promotes employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams, and whole organisations.

The mission of Engage for Success resonates with me: 

"We want everyone working in the UK to want, and be able, to give their best each day, so that each day is a great day at work, and that workplaces in the UK are thriving, growing and developing through the commitment, energy, and creativity of the people that work in them". 

To achieve this they aim to: 

  • Connect like-minded people, communities, experts and leaders.
  • Drive forward thinking about employee engagement, and provide evidencecase studies and points of view about how it drives performance and productivity to achieve organisational and individual growth. 
  • Provide practical tools and ideas.

Check out the Engage for Success website for more details. 


19th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

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"Working with Beverly has opened my eyes to the value of being coached and mentored. Her support and advice have been invaluable. She has helped me to develop my leadership skills and navigate some fundamental challenges. The result is a successful restructuring with better communication and new processes that are yielding excellent business improvements driven by a motivated team."

Tony Burgoyne ACCA, Director - Auker Hutton Accountancy Ltd

"Beverly will make an exceptional high-end coach for the C-suite and those looking to promote long-lasting change in their thought process and daily conduct. Each session I was left with a sense of deep reflection and invigorated with a desire to soak up and implement each item discussed. I know that the areas clarified will stand me in good stead to improve - both as a leader and also in my personal life. For someone serious about change, self acknowledgement and wanting to accelerate their career goals Beverly’s style and approach cannot be faulted."

Managing Director, Healthcare Revenue Management

"Beverly is incisive, warm and engaging. I find her inspirational and always a joy catching up with. I walk away feeling that I can achieve anything as she is a motivating person."

Managing Director, Executive Recruitment

"I particularly enjoyed the fact that Beverly’s effective assistance and support enabled me to use my own thought processes in order to identify solution which is something I would have never achieved had it not been for Beverly’s clever approach and encouragement."

Brand Manager, Arts and Design
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