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6th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

I am pleased to become a member of the City Women Network (CWN). The CWN is one of the longest established independent organisations for senior professional and businesswomen in the UK. Founded in 1978 as a network for women in banking, accountancy and law within the Square Mile, CWN continues to diversify its vibrant and influential platform to include senior women representing a varied range of professions, sectors and backgrounds.

CWN provides peer-to-peer networking events and excellent learning opportunities. This enables senior professional women to make connections, build influence and enhance their careers. Members of CWN can share agendas on topical issues and benefit from opportunities and events that contribute to both their professional skills and personal qualities, helping them realise and maximise their potential.

CWN also seek to make a positive social impact through the annual selection and dedicated fundraising for a charity supporting women or children in the UK.

CWN has established relationships with other networks and professional associations operating around the world. This is useful for members in global roles, providing access to intelligence, contacts and events on the global stage.

The network welcomes individual and corporate members. Further information about CWN and details about the process for applying to become a member may be found on their website:


6th November 2017 | Beverly Landais

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"I found Beverly’s style to be effective, in that it was left to me to do much of the talking and therefore the ‘answers’ were drawn out from me/in my words rather than being given to me on a plate. Beverly’s open questioning approach was effective. [The sessions] were probably more demanding than I expected, in that I had to think hard during the sessions and I found some questions challenging (although Beverly did warn me that would be the case at the start of the first session)."

Chartered Financial Planner, Wealth Management

"Beverly’s approach is based on trust and mutual respect. She is a great listener who fosters an environment that allows you to speak out and move at your tempo so you neither feel rushed nor left out in the cold, she probes gently to help you come to your own answers. She is energised, infectiously professional and methodical but approachable."

Executive, Private Equity

"Beverly will make an exceptional high-end coach for the C-suite and those looking to promote long-lasting change in their thought process and daily conduct. Each session I was left with a sense of deep reflection and invigorated with a desire to soak up and implement each item discussed. I know that the areas clarified will stand me in good stead to improve - both as a leader and also in my personal life. For someone serious about change, self acknowledgement and wanting to accelerate their career goals Beverly’s style and approach cannot be faulted."

Managing Director, Healthcare Revenue Management

"I start my new role as in house lawyer on Wednesday. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me. I have valued it immensely and it has made a real difference to my belief in myself. I have learnt so much from you. Thanks again, I hope you can feel that you played a significant part in my current success."

General Counsel, Global Security Company
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