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14th August 2017 | Beverly Landais

Daunting. That’s the word I often hear from women who are planning to return to work after a career break. 

Some feel the expectations of others about how quickly they can reintegrate into a team are unrealistic and fear that they will fall short. Others express concern at the negative reaction of colleagues, and this can lead them to catastrophise and imagine a lack of support or resentment. Many worry about their skills being out of date or no longer relevant. These issues are compounded by commitments at home and anxiety about how to fit it all in.

Such thoughts can corrode self-esteem, reduce confidence and sap resilience at just the time when they are needed most. It is exhausting. The cruel irony is that worrying about the negative things that haven’t happened can feel as bad as experiencing them in real life. What can be done about this? 

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14th August 2017 | Beverly Landais

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"Beverly’s style was personal, understanding, accessible, transparent and detailed. Being a trusted expert in the field I work within, I found huge confidence in her being able to provide practical hands-on strategy for practically and positively dealing with the challenges in my current role. Expectations on both sides were clear from the outset, which meant we got the most from each session. Additionally, I felt that the program was tailored to me as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ – a rare quality! This was enhanced by Beverly asking the right questions of me to uncover where I would get the most value from her experiences and triumphs."

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"Welcoming, calm and focused. Beverly made me feel that I could address issues that had been bothering me and that I had initially thought were outside the bounds of coaching. I didn’t really know what to expect from coaching. I found the experience very interesting & beneficial."

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"I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did with facilitating our Women in Leadership event yesterday. I really enjoyed it and found it really interesting to hear what everyone had to say."

Helen Trudgeon, Head of Programming, MPF Forum
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